1. Submit a paper practice journal every week (on Mondays).

2. Submit an online practice journal every week (by Monday). SUBMIT YOUR PRACTICE JOURNAL ONLINE HERE.


Practice Journal FREE PASSES:


1. Comment on a "Rough Draft" Recording = 1 free pass. Write 1 comment on one of the 3 rough draft recordings from you class on the SMS BAND YOUTUBE CHANNEL(HortonSMS). Comment must be SPECIFIC and relate directly to the musical quality. You can earn up to 3 free passes  with this method (3 comments, 1 for each song).



2. Submit a response video =  3 free passes. Submit a response video to a rough draft recording for your class on the SMS BAND YOUTUBE CHANNEL (HortonSMS). The response video needs to include: You performing at least 8 measures on your instrument of the song you are responding to. You can  earn unlimited free passes with this method.


In your response, you will say, "We need to improve measures ______ to _______ in ________________ because I heard _______________________. In my response I will play it correctly by ___________________. 


FOR EXAMPLE: "We need to improve measures 23 to 31 in Castles and Dragons because I heard F naturals instead of F sharps. In my response I will play it correctly by playing F sharps



3. Submit a full recording on SmartMusic =  3 free passes. Submit a full recording of one of our pieces of music on SmartMusic. You must earn at least a 70%

Titles available on SmartMusic:

8th Grade - 

7th Grade - 

6th Grade -



4. Attend a Band Concert in which you DO NOT perform = 1 free pass. You must either "check in" with Mr. Horton (if he is there) or get a program signed by the conductor.



5. Attend a Band Concert in which you DO NOT perform and write a response = 2 free passes. On a  piece of paper, you must write or type the title of each piece of music, the composer and/or arranger, 1 sentence describing each piece of music, and 1 sentence describing your reaction to each piece of music.


You will turn in something like this:

    Selection 1: 

        Title: Lincoln Portrait

        Composer: Aaron Copeland

        Description: This piece of music pays tribute Abraham Lincoln and uses text from his writings  as narration through out the piece.

        Reaction: I really liked this piece because Lincoln's words are very powerful even today and the brass section is very prominent.


    2. Title:  etc....