Audio Recording Timeline Project

Objective: To understand the how audio recording technology has developed throughout history.



1. Read the "Recorded History" Article. (See Music Article Section)

2. Create an account with Timetoast. 

3. Begin your TIMELINE!


Your timeline must include the following:

1. A title

2. The top 5 events you believe to be the most important from the "Record History" article.

3. 1 significant event from music history during the same time frame.

4. 1 significant event from non-music history during the same time frame.

5. 1 significant event from EACH partners lives (2 events total).

6. Each event should have the following:

            a. a picture

            b. a date (be as close as you can)

            c. 1 sentence describing the event

            d.1 sentence explaining the significance of the event.


TOTAL NUMBER EVENTS, If working with a partner = 9

TOTAL NUMBER EVENTS, If working alone = 8


7. Be sure to make your timeline PUBLIC. Then send Mr. Horton a link to your final project. BE SURE TO INDICATE YOUR NAME AND YOUR PARTNER'S NAME.


8. Finally, present your timeline to the class!!!