Rap Project

Objective: To utilize our understanding of audio recording technology and hip-hop music to record a rap song.



1. Watch the BrainPop video on Hip-hop music. Complete the online quiz. (See Brain Pop section)

2. Find examples of a rap you will use for this project HERE. Download lyrics to 3 of the songs HERE.    

3. Choose a group of 3-4 peers from your class. Please choose from students that are in your piano group. 

4. You may make as many or as few changes to the lyrics as your group would like. 


Your rap must include the following:

1. A title (this may be the same as the original or different

2. An accompaniment beat. This can be accomplished by using a keyboard. 

3. All members of the group will need to "rap" during the recording. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways.

        A. Everyone raps all the lyrics at the same time.

        B. Each person raps their own specific section of the lyrics.

        C. A combination of A and C. 

5. The rap will be recorded on Wavepad (iPad app) and submited to Mr. Horton. 

6. The rap will be shared with the class and evaluated using criteria we create.