Noteflight Accompaniment Project
Objective: To notate a percussion accompaniment for the introduction to 'Some Nights' by Fun. 

Watch the tutorial video on how to use NoteFlight HERE.


1. The members of Fun have a problem. Usually the introducion to 'Some Nights' is performed a ccapella. However, the crowds are so loud at live concerts, Fun can't perform the intro very well because they can't the beat. It is just too loud to keep it together with out some extra percussion to help keep the beat steady.


2. Your job, as the producer, is to come up with some extra percussion sounds they could use to keep the beat steady during the live performances.


3. You will need to save a copy of the intro (below) to your Noteflight account. You can do this by opening the music in a new window - click on the icon in the lower left of the Noteflight window. Then, when it opens, click on "Save a Copy" under the "File" menu. 


4. You need to add at least one percussion (drum) track to your new arrangement. 


5. You can be really creative. Feel free to totally change the character of the song. YOU ARE THE PRODUCER NOW!


6. When you are finished, set the sharing setting to "Anyone can view this score" and paste the email link into the body of an email. Then end the email to Mr. Horton (