Music Video Project
Objective: To create a video/slide show that demonstrates your knowledge of a specific song's theme.


Your task is to create a presentation/slide show/movie that will show various images related to the theme of a particular song. 

1. Find a song with school-appropriate lyrics/content

2. Email Mr. Horton the lyrics (in the body of the email) for approval (

3. After you have obtained approval, begin creating a presentation/slide show/movie that has images that correspond with your song's theme. 

4. Each slide may only last 1 - 3 seconds. Therefore, the longer the song you choose the more images/slides you will have to create. :)

5. You may use any piece of software you wish. 

6. Save your file to your file as FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME.MusicVideo

7. Check with Mr. Horton to see which file type (extension) you need to use when you email it. Email to Mr. Horton (