Multi-Song Mash-Up
Objective: To demonstrate the ability to mix songs together using Audacity software.


Your task is to create a mix of a minimum of 5 songs (more is okay) linked together on a common word. Excerpts from each song should stay around 10-15 seconds each; longer than 30 seconds is not permitted. Every attempt should be made to make the songs sound like they were meant to connect. Use of special effects is encouraged (fade in, fade out, echo). Audio volumes should be adjusted for fluidity. 


Turn in (by email) completed mp3 sound file, 60 seconds to 120 seconds long. Lyrics for any song used must be clearly labeled and pasted in the body of the email. Absolutely no inappropriate music excerpts will be tolerated (watch language, sexual overtones, mention of drugs/alcohol, etc.). It is your responsibility to secure the songs and bring them to school (CDs, MP3s, etc.).


Turn around, every now and then I

Get on your feet, Get up and make it happen, Get on your feet

Stand in the place where you live, Now face north, Think about direction, Wondering why

You light up my give me hope to carry on,  you light up my days and fill my nights with

Song song of the south, sweet potato pie and

Shut up and drive you donít know what youíre talking about, sheís not

the beat, We got the beat, We got the beat, yeah, We got the

Beat it... beat it.. no one wants to be defeated show me

How do live without you, I want to know, how do I

Breathe, itís watching over me, and suddenly Iím melting into you thereís

Nothing, nothing, nothing.... if I donít have you. (long ending)


Save File as: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME.mashup.mp3 (be sure to export in MP3 format)


Email to Mr. Horton (