Chorus Change-Up
Objective: To identify the chorus of a popular song. To use sound editing software to manipulate the pitch and tempo of music.

1. Find the chorus of your favorite popular song. What is a chorus?

2. Import the chorus into Audacity - You may need to import the entire song and trim it down. The clip should be about 15-30 seconds.

3. Use cut/paste to make 4 different copies of the chorus - one right after another,
all on the same track

4. Add effects that change the chorus in 3 different ways:
     1. The first copy should be the original.

     2. The second should be changed to have a higher pitch.
     2. The third should be changed to have a slower tempo (WITH OUT CHANGING THE PITCH)
     3. The fourth should be the chorus in reverse.

5. Add at least one fade in and at least one fade out to any of the copies.

6. Your final track should have 4 versions of the chorus:
         1. The original chorus
         2. The chorus with a higher pitch
         3. The chorus slower (WITH OUT CHANGING THE PITCH)
         4. The chorus in reverse

7. BE SURE TO EXPORT your file as a .wav file.

Please label it as follows: FIRSTNAME.LASTNAME.ChorusChangeUp.wav


8. Email to Mr. Horton (