Audacity Assignment #1

Audacity Tutorial Video Link

Objective: Students will manipulate sound using audio recording software. 

Once you have watched the video, do the following

1. Create a new file with Audacity.

2. Record the following phrase with the attached microphone:

      "Hello, this is my first recording with Audacity. I think recording sound is really super awesome."

3. Listen to your recording with your headphones.

4. SAVE YOUR WORK! (Firstname.Lastname.AudacityTutorial)

5. Next, cut out the words "really super".

6. Next, reduce the envelope on the word "Audacity".

7. Finally, under the "Effects" menu, do the following:

     a. Find an effect that would make you sound like you are speaking into the Grand Canyon.

     b. Find an effect that can make you sound like a chipmunk (think pitch: higher or lower?).

     c. Find an effect that can slow down your voice WITH OUT changing the pitch.

When you have completed it, EXPORT the file as a .wav file and send it to Mr. Horton (

BE SURE TO LABEL THE FILE AS FOLLOWS: Firstname.Lastname.AudacityTutorial.wav


Grading Checklist:

1. File is submitted in the correct format ____ (3 pts.)

2. File is labeled correctly ____ (2 pts.)

3. Phrase is recorded correctly ("really super" is cut out)  ____ (1 pts.)

4. Envelope is reduced on the word "Audacity" ____ (1 pts.)

5. An effect is added that sounds like the Grand Canyon ____ (1 pts.)

6. An effect is added that sounds like a chipmunk ____ (1 pts.)

7. An effect is added that slows down the recording without changing the pitch. ____ (1 pts.)