Beginning Band:

Frequently Asked Questions
Check out these frequently asked questions and answers.  Have additional questions?
Contact Mr. Horton ( and he will be glad to help.

Can anyone join the band?  Do I have to audition?
Any incoming 6th Grade student is welcome to sign up for band.  An incoming 7th or 8th Grade student interested in joining Band should contact Mr. Horton directly.  There is no audition for Band classes.

When does the band rehearse?
All Band classes rehearse during the school day.  Band will be a class just like Math or Science that a student takes daily.
Will I get a grade in band?
Yes!  Your grade will be determined by written assignments, playing tests, practice logs, and concert participation.  Do not expect the class to be an "automatic A."
What instruments are available in the 6th Grade Band?
Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone (no other saxophones in 6th Grade), Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Bells (Percussion will be mostly mallet keyboards during 6th Grade)
Can I switch to another instrument later?
At the end of 6th Grade, we will audition students to transfer to these additional instruments:
Oboe, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, French Horn, Tuba
Why can't I play guitar/violin/piano?
Unfortunately, there are no musical parts written for the guitar, violin, or piano in the music we play in Band class.  If you have playing experience on one of these instruments, those skills will help you should you choose to play a band instrument.
How do I know what instrument to play?
The music teachers and Paige's Music representatives in attendance at the Instrument Fitting Nights will help you figure out what instrument suits a student best.  There are many factors to consider in making an instrument recommendation, including interest, ability, and many physical characteristics.
Where do I get an instrument?
While it is not required, it is HIGHLY recommended that you get your instrument through Paige’s Music.  We have a long standing relationship with this company and can give them the highest recommendation.  Every instrument that they rent and sell is a quality instrument without question and their repair services are second to none.  A Paige's Music representative visits our school every week to take care of repairs, deliver materials, and make sure that our Band program is running smoothly.  If you choose to work with another music company, you MUST check with Mr. Horton first regarding brand names and quality of the instrument.
What will this cost?
Like any serious purchase, you will “get what you pay for.”  Poor quality instruments lead to frustration on the part of all parties and are not worth the investment.  Paige’s Music sells and rents only the most-trusted brands and offers a variety of options for each instrument including different new and previously rented options that alter the price of the instrument.  Most families choose the rent-to-own program which is paid in monthly installments ranging from $20-$40 depending on the instrument. 
Can't I just get a cheaper instrument from eBay?

DON'T DO IT!  It ends in heartache too many times!  The chances are too high that you will end up with an

instrument that does not work properly, cannot be repaired, or is not a proper Band instrument.  You may

wind up with an instrument pitched in the wrong key that will be useless and a waste of money.  

What other materials do I need?
Whether you choose to purchase/rent your instrument through Paige's Music or not, it is REQUIRED that all students have the materials from the "Debut Starter Pack" for their instrument.  This will include the essential cleaning items, reeds, oils, creams, and method book for class.